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STRESS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY- PROVEN HEALING/STRESS REDUCTION/RELAXATION TECHNOLOGY: I would like to create a new and exciting business, the only one of it's kind here in Florida. I am Blind.

What I Want To Do:

I would like to create a new and exciting business here in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, using technology invented in this country 53 years ago. This technology has been proven by research at the  National Institutes of Health (NIH) to reduce stress and promote the healing of various ailments. No one would argue that this business and it's technology, tested and used by the US Government, is extremely well suited for the currently over stressed business environment and marketplace. Current methods of stress reduction and healing are, enhanced through the use of this technology.  Although I am blind, I will be able to operate this enterprise with a very small staff.  This business, owned and operated by me, will have major drawing potential and has an already made market.  This will be the FIRST of it's kind in Florida with only a handful publicly run (not in the home) on-going enterprises of it's kind in the USA.   The type of business I would like to open here in Florida has a currently ongoing and expanding market in Europe. The business is designed to reduce stress and provide many health benefits which have been clinically studied and documented at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The business ventures of this kind, here in the US are either: Offered as a part of a Spa, or run from the home on a very small scale. I wish to offer this to the public at large.

How Will I Broaden Awareness and Capture the Market?

I will be able to provide a great deal of press and publicity for this business and this type of stress reduction/ healing technology. I have edited for several news agencys and I am quite familiar with the press and how to gain publicity. I look forward to appearing on radio and TV in order to spread awareness of the technology and the business itself.  I have already contacted the media (TV and radio) and press (newspapers/community magazines) regarding this venture and I have been very well received, being asked to call for an interview when my business is ready to open to the public.

I personally have found this type of therapy and technology very beneficial for my own healing and rehabilitation purposes and I wish to make the same available to everyone facing stress and matters of healing in their lives.


Who/Where is My Marketplace?

I will be able to gather a dedicated client base with income from same in the form of clients from: Alternative Medical practitioners; teachers of yoga/meditation/biofeedback;  health food/nutritional stores;  martial arts schools; sports enthusiasts, clubs and teams; current spa and gym membership profiles/clients and places of service for masseuses and other health related sources. -They could all use an additional stress reduction situation, especially one which has been tested and found to be applicable by the US Government for many therapeutic and healing situations.

I currently have access to a very large data base of the aforementioned clients. I will be drawing on these lists as well as clients from: radio and TV coverage and ads; major newspapers and community papers; promotions by owners of various clubs and spas in the local vicinity; nationally read publications such as the AARP newsletter/magazine and all of the 'new business' and entrepreneur sections in the daily papers and websites; articles in store circulars and talks given at stores and other establishments. I anticipate a  healthy client base to start and I expect that base to grow with time as my business becomes well known and awareness of the business/ technology becomes greater and greater.


The cost to start and run this business for 12 months is approximately $110,000 - $140,000. The cost factor varies dependent on the location for the business. positive return will be seen in month 13. Start up costs being repaid in total by month 24. On going expenses are handled by initial budgeted money. The yearly gross income from this enterprise is estimated to be between $150,000. and $250.00.

The Future:

I believe I will be able to franchise this business within two years time. Through the franchising and licensing of my business, I look forward to seeing a business with the various services I offer, available to the public in every city and a good many small towns across the country.


The need is great -- The market untapped & waiting. I want to bring back to the USA what was invented here 53 years ago and is now a thriving ongoing resource for mind/body health in England, all across Europe and Japan. 


Talk to Keeplafn'


Talk to Keeplafn'